-Access to a private beach at Lake Memphremagog directly in 
front of the property.
-View on Lake Memphremagog and Mont-Orford from the master 
-Possibility of bi-generation

-A part of the house is newer than the original 

-Superb cherry hardwood floors

-Great galleries 2 slopes with solarium

-Liveable area with basement: (approximate)

Notwithstanding the number of ch. indicated or the current 
use of the parts, and considering that the seller can not 
guarantee the conformity of the septic installations with 
the laws and regulations in force, the purchaser will be 
able to carry out any verifications that it will judge 
useful as for the septic installations.

Exclusion of guarantee. The fireplaces, stove, combustion 
apparatus and chimney are sold without any guarantee as to 
their conformity with the applicable regulations, as well 
as to the requirements imposed by the insurance companies, 
the BUYER may carry out all the verifications that he deems 
useful as regards to these devices
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